Vegan Queso by Candice Hutchings

capture_07102014_093849Candice demonstrates her version of a vegan queso.  She simply chops and sautes some vegetables, and to the vegetable mixture, melts (Daiya brand) vegan cheese which can be bought in most large supermarkets.  This is a really easy replacement for dairy queso, and it’s a lot healthier.  This queso can be eaten with chips and/or vegetables as an appetizer or snack.  And, it can be use as a topping for steamed vegetables, etc.


Candice Hutchings has a website and is the host of a youtube channel.  Her show is called ‘The Edgy Veg”  On it, she turns typically meat-only meals into delicious vegan dishes.

You can lean more about her, follow her activities, and enjoy her recipes on her website,

She is also featured on this website,

Her youtube channel is here.

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