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Tofu Cottage Cheese Stuffed Shells by Abby

capture_12102014_130215In this video, Abby prepares a tofu cottage cheese type filling in large pasta shells based on a recipe in the Naturally Gourmet cookbook.  The recipe uses store bought ingredients, so there is no need to make any special sauces, etc.  Like Abby says, this recipe is “quick, easy, and delicious”.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Dairy Free Macaroni and Cheese by Candice Hutchings

capture_07102014_103854Candice demonstrates an easy recipe for making a dairy free mac-and-cheese.  She uses a (Daiya brand) vegan cheese that can be bought in most supermarkets.  She creates a mixture of the vegan cheese with soy milk and spices.  After she heats up the ingredients, she adds it to the pasta.  Then, she places the mixture in a pan or casserole dish, tops it with breadcrumbs and bakes it.  This recipe is fast and easy to make, delicious, and a lot healthier than traditional dairy based mac-and-cheese. Continue reading

Vegan Queso by Candice Hutchings

capture_07102014_093849Candice demonstrates her version of a vegan queso.  She simply chops and sautes some vegetables, and to the vegetable mixture, melts (Daiya brand) vegan cheese which can be bought in most large supermarkets.  This is a really easy replacement for dairy queso, and it’s a lot healthier.  This queso can be eaten with chips and/or vegetables as an appetizer or snack.  And, it can be use as a topping for steamed vegetables, etc. Continue reading

Greek Omelette by Annie and Dan Shannon

capture_01102014_114417Annie and Dan Shannon demonstrate a vegan Greek omelette recipe from their award winning cookbook, “Betty Goes Vegan”.  They replace eggs in a traditional omelette with a blended mixture of silken tofu, spices, and seasonings.   They use vegan mozzarello cheese, tomatoes,  spinach, basil, oregano and olives for a filling.  This is a healthy and delicious recipe for any meal, breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even diner. Continue reading

Portobello “Cheesesteak” by Monique Koch

capture_23092014_114018Cheesesteaks are favorite sandwiches for a lot of people.  Although they are delicious, they are not healthy.  In this video, Monique demonstrates how to make a healthy alternative using portobello mushrooms and a vegan cheese substitute.  She puts more flavor into the portobello mushrooms by marinating them with a little garlic powder and A1 sauce, a classic meat seasoning.  This is an easy to make, fast, healthy and delicious sandwich. Continue reading

Cheesy Enchilada Casserole w/ Mexican Lemonade by Yahcna

capture_20092014_110134Yachna calls herself – the “Queen of Vegan Soul Food”.  In these 2 videos, Yachna demonstrates how she makes an enchilada casserole and a special and refreshing drink she invented.  Her casserole is very easy to make with refried beans, vegan ground beef substitute, and vegan cheese.  Unlike a traditional enchilada casserole with real beef and dairy cheese, Yachna’s casserole is healthy as well as delicious. Continue reading

Baked Penne with Sausage and Kale by Casserole Queens

capture_05092014_174507This video contains a great candidate recipe for a makeover.  The Casserole Queens prepared this recipe with turkey sausage, dairy milk and cheese.  The sausage can be replaced by vegan sausage, and the dairy milk and cheese can be replaced with non-dairy plant based alternatives.   There is a lot of cheese in this recipe.  I’ll bet if it were made with less non-dairy cheese, it would still taste wonderful.

Continue reading

Fajita Quesadillas by Roberto Martin

capture_26082014_120447In addition to demonstrating a delicious vegan fajita quesadillas recipe, Chef Roberto Martin shows a good technique for decorating a finished dish using a simple plastic storage bag.   He has wonderful knife skills.  I particularly the way he slices green onions.  I’m going to try to incorporate his techniques as I prepare this recipe for my friends. Continue reading