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In this video, Gaz Oakley, shows how to prepare an awesome vegan breakfast.  It includes bacon and sausage substitutes, tofu based scrambled eggs substitute, baked beans, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado, and toast.  

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Mediterranean Polenta Stack by Anja

capture_10122014_185305Anja demonstrates a Mediterranean polenta stack that looks great, is easy to make and is delicious.   She shows the process for cooking polenta and forming polenta rounds using  small cake molds.  She tops the polenta rounds with roasted red peppers, an avocado mix, diced tomatoes and red onions, and drizzles on some balsamic vinegar.  The recipe is great for an appetizer, lunch, dinner, snacks… or any time at all, really!  Enjoy. Continue reading

Calabacitas Recipe by Cobi Kim

capture_09122014_205332Cobi presents another veganized ethnic recipe.  This time it’s a Mexican dish that can be served with cheese and tortillas, or as a vegetable side, or left over and used as a component in burritos.  Cobi offers several alternatives for ingredients, and gives a tip for getting more flavor in your food by how you add your spices to your dish.  This dish is easy to make with ordinary ingredients, and with or without vegan meat substitutes.  Try it.  You’ll Enjoy it! Continue reading

3 Delicious Creamy Soups – Tomato, Carrot and Ginger, and Leak and Potato by Sara Lynn

capture_17102014_122424In this video, Sara Lynn demonstrates how to prepare three different soup recipes that are hearty, healthful, and delicious.  For those who prefer a completely vegan soup, the cheese, cream and sour cream Sara Lynn uses can easily be replaced by non-dairy alternatives.  Please notice how easy and similar the preparation is for each of these soups.  These soups can be made ahead and frozen for a quick meal later.  Enjoy.



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Sweet Potato Black Bean Stew by Karl Tyler

capture_16102014_142729Karl Tyler prepared this stew following a recipe published in ReadyMade Magazine.  It’s loaded with a lot of fresh healthy vegetables.  Karl topped his stew with dairy cheese, which could be replaced with a non-dairy cheese alternative.  This is a simple healthy one pot recipe that can be made ahead for use later in the week.  Like most stews, it probably tastes better after the flavors mingle for a couple of days.  It looks delicious.  Enjoy. Continue reading

How to Make a Portobello Mushroom Burger by Sara O’Donnell

capture_15102014_153615Portobello mushroom burgers are a great meaty and filling vegetarian alternative to traditional burgers made with animal protein.  They can be customized just as you would a regular cheeseburger.  In this video, Sara shows a simple marinade for the portobello mushroom which she grills along with bell peppers and onions.  She tops the mushroom with provolone cheese, and assembles the burger on toasted buns with flavored mayonnaise, tomatoes and lettuce.  The dairy cheese and mayonnaise can be replaced with non-dairy alternatives.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Mexican Tomato Soup by Jamie Oliver

capture_01102014_134530Jamie cooks a wonderful tomato soup, and serves it with a salad, and tortilla chips.  This is a great, fast, and healthy recipe for brunch, lunch or dinner.  It’s made with spring onions, coriander, garlic, roasted peppers, canned tomatoes, water, lime and rice.  He uses a little cheese on his salad, and tortilla chips.  He also makes a yogurt drizzle on top of his soup.  You can change this from vegetarian to vegan with vegan substitutes.  This is a fast, and easy to make recipe. Continue reading

Tofu Omelette by Bhavna Patel

capture_01102014_130212Bhavna demonstrates an eggless omelette made with tofu, milk, spices, and garbanzo bean flour.  For a filling, she uses tomato, onion, spinach and cheese.  She points out a thicker batter could be used to make a tofu scramble, while a thinner batter is better for making an omelette.  She uses the garbanzo flour as a binder, which helps to stop the omelette from breaking as you turn it, plate it, etc.  Plant based milk and cheese can be used the replace the dairy products.  This is an easy, healthy, and delicious recipe. Continue reading

Greek Omelette by Annie and Dan Shannon

capture_01102014_114417Annie and Dan Shannon demonstrate a vegan Greek omelette recipe from their award winning cookbook, “Betty Goes Vegan”.  They replace eggs in a traditional omelette with a blended mixture of silken tofu, spices, and seasonings.   They use vegan mozzarello cheese, tomatoes,  spinach, basil, oregano and olives for a filling.  This is a healthy and delicious recipe for any meal, breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even diner. Continue reading

Vegetarian Chili Recipe by Jason Hill

capture_29092014_115011In this video, Chef Jason Hill shows how to combine several vegetables and beans to make a delicious vegetarian chili.  If you’d like the texture of ground meat in your chili, you can easily add vegan soy crumbles that resemble ground meat.  Jason tops his chili with sour cream and cheese, for which there are commercial vegan substitutes available in most large supermarkets.   This is an easy to make, delicious and healthy chili recipe.  Try it. Continue reading