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Hearty Meatless Burger by Anja

capture_16012015_231212The main ingredients for this burger are mushrooms and lentils.  In the video, Anja demonstrates how to saute the mushrooms without any oil.  She adds the mushrooms and canned lentils to a food processor, along with tapioca flour, oats, garlic powder, onion powder, fennel seeds, mixed Italian herbs, sage, paprika, tomato paste, and salt and pepper.  She bakes her patties, rather than pan frying them.  Assemble your burgers on a bun along with your favorite condiments.  This is a healthy and delicious recipe.  Try it and Enjoy. Continue reading

New England Glam Chowder by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

capture_28102014_154017Isa prepares a vegan version of the popular New England Clam Chowder using a mix of button and shitachi mushrooms as substitutes for the clams, and cashew cream for the dairy cream.  Add some other healthy ingredients, simmer the combination for a short while, and you have a delicious and inventive vegan soup.  This recipe looks luscious and hearty.  Try it.  It might become one of your favorites. Continue reading

Lasagna with Tofu Spinach Ricotta and Cheese Sauce by Margaret Meyer

capture_21102014_125036Margaret doesn’t have a recipe for this lasagna.  She “just makes it.”  Watch the video, and you can follow along, and “just make it” too.  Although, she uses her own canned pasta sauce, you can substitute store bought pasta sauce, or fresh or canned tomatoes.   In this video, Margaret also shows how to make a vegan “cheese” sauce and a substitute for ricotta cheese using tofu.  Margaret says this is a family favorite and usually a “no fail” recipe.  It’s easy to make.  It can be made ahead for use later in the week.  Try it.  You’ll like it too. Continue reading

3 Delicious Creamy Soups – Tomato, Carrot and Ginger, and Leak and Potato by Sara Lynn

capture_17102014_122424In this video, Sara Lynn demonstrates how to prepare three different soup recipes that are hearty, healthful, and delicious.  For those who prefer a completely vegan soup, the cheese, cream and sour cream Sara Lynn uses can easily be replaced by non-dairy alternatives.  Please notice how easy and similar the preparation is for each of these soups.  These soups can be made ahead and frozen for a quick meal later.  Enjoy.



Continue reading

Vegan” Mac and Cheese by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

capture_28092014_123900Isa has created a recipe for a creamy, gooey, melty, lucious “cheese” that can be used in a mac and cheese type meal.  Her “cheese” recipe could also be used with other recipes such as a portobello or seitan “cheesesteak” sandwich.  It’s made with onions, garlic, vegetable broth, cornstarch, tomato paste, nutritional yeast, spices, and cashews.  It’s not hard to make.  Simply saute the vegetables,  combine all the ingredients and blend everything together, then, place it in a pot and cook it until it thickens and resembles melted cheese.  Isa mixes this “cheese” with pasta and tops it with roasted brussel sprouts for her version of “mac and cheese”.  Continue reading

Amazing Vegetarian Chili by Chef Buck

capture_18092014_122707Chef Buck demonstrates a very healthy and delicious vegetarian chili.  It’s all about chopping up a variety of good fresh vegetables, initially sauteing onions and garlic to get started, then adding the vegetables and canned beans in layers, and letting the entire mix simmer for a while.  It’s simple, easy to make, and healthy.  Top it with some vegan cheese and serve it with some crusty bread.  Delicious! Try it. Continue reading