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Oatmeal Tempeh “Meatloaf” by “LowSaltVegDudes”

capture_14012015_132332This is an easy and tasty recipe with healthy ingredients.  They steam bite size tempeh pieces, and cook some oatmeal.  They saute onions,  garlic and seasonings, add tomatoes and then combine all these ingredients in a blender.  The blended mixture is placed in a baking pan, topped with marinara sauce, and baked.  This is an easy way to prepare a healthy version of a typical comfort food, “meatloaf”.  Expand your taste horizons, and try it.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Pan-seared Tempeh in Lemon Caper Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potato and Roasted Vegetables by Chloe Coscarelli

capture_30102014_152414Chef Chloe demonstrates an easy to prepare and delicious meal.  Throughout the video, Chloe presents techniques for cooking the components of this meal.  From my point of view, the only thing missing from this video is Chloe preparing it together with some friends, all drinking glasses of wine.  Try making this meal yourself.  You’ll like  it. Continue reading

Orange Glazed Tempeh by Jason Wrobel

capture_16092014_121656If you like sweet and sour crispy glazed chicken, you’ll like this healthy orange glazed tempeh substitute.  Like many substitute recipes, it’s really easy to make with a few ingredients.  Serve it with brown or fried rice or quinoa for a delicious and healthy lunch, brunch or dinner.  Or, serve it with volcano rice as J-Wro suggests in this recipe demo video. Continue reading

Dijon Tempeh by Toni Fiore

capture_16092014_103016Here is a much heather meal than chicken dijon.  Toni demonstrates the simple steps to create tempeh dijon, which would make a delicious entree for a main course.  It can be served with any sides you choose.  Toni also suggests it’s great in a sandwich.  I think I’ll try it in a sandwich with my panier press. Continue reading

Grilled Seitan and Tempeh by Toni Fiore

capture_01092014_075937Toni Fiore demonstrates it is to very easy to grill both/either seitan and tempeh, while presenting some good grilling tips for them.  She creates a barbeque rub with seasoning and a little oil, and also uses some sugar free barbeque sauce.  Any number of seasonings, regularly available in supermarkets, can be used in her easy techniques.  The grilled seitan and tempeh are vegan grilled meat alternatives, and are delicious. Continue reading

Vegan Tacos by Hilah Johnson

capture_29082014_135837Hilah replaces the meat in traditional tacos with tempeh in this recipe, which requires a simple sauteing of the tempeh with some other fresh vegetables, spices and seasonings.  It’s easy, fast and delicious.  Try it. Continue reading