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Vegan Mushroom Gravy by Julie Marie

capture_15012015_131914Julie Marie demonstrates how to make a healthy mushroom gravy without any oil or dairy.  She uses this gravy as a sauce over pasta layered on a bed of spinach.  It can also be used as a gravy on meatloaf, mashed potatoes, etc.  Continue reading

Latin Seitan Stew by Jill Echart

capture_10102014_114231This stew is loaded with a lot of different healthy fresh vegetables, quinoa and seitan.  This stew is a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with protein, anti-oxidants and vitamins.  As Jill lists the ingredients, she briefly describes its nutritional benefits.  This recipe makes a large amount, which can be made ahead and quickly heated and eaten later in the week.  And, it’s delicious.  Continue reading

Caesar Salad by Vegan Coach

capture_05092014_172602I’ve always enjoyed Caesar Salads.  But, I don’t like the inclusion of raw eggs, anchovies, and a lot of oil in the dressing.  In this video, Sassy, The Vegan Coach, shows how to make a delicious alternative to a traditional Caesar salad dressing.  It has no raw eggs, no anchovies, and no large amount of oil.  At first glance, it looks complicated with all the different ingredients.  But, if you get organized, it’s actually pretty easy.  And, it’s much healthier for you.  Enjoy. Continue reading