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Vegan Mushroom Gravy by Julie Marie

capture_15012015_131914Julie Marie demonstrates how to make a healthy mushroom gravy without any oil or dairy.  She uses this gravy as a sauce over pasta layered on a bed of spinach.  It can also be used as a gravy on meatloaf, mashed potatoes, etc.  Continue reading

Dairy Free Macaroni and Cheese by Candice Hutchings

capture_07102014_103854Candice demonstrates an easy recipe for making a dairy free mac-and-cheese.  She uses a (Daiya brand) vegan cheese that can be bought in most supermarkets.  She creates a mixture of the vegan cheese with soy milk and spices.  After she heats up the ingredients, she adds it to the pasta.  Then, she places the mixture in a pan or casserole dish, tops it with breadcrumbs and bakes it.  This recipe is fast and easy to make, delicious, and a lot healthier than traditional dairy based mac-and-cheese. Continue reading

Chilled Avocado And Cucumber Soup by Tom Lin

capture_09092014_142907Chef Tom Lin demonstrates an extremely simple, easy to make delicious vegan soup.  Simply cut up an avocado, peal and chop a cucumber, add cilantro, add some lemon juice, salt and pepper, soy milk, and blend it all together.  Season to taste, if needed.  Add some sliced almonds for a garnish.  How easy is that.  Serve it with some crusty bread and a salad for a delicious, healthy, plant based lunch or dinner. Continue reading