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Vegan Fried Chicken by Roberto Martin

capture_27102014_115846Roberto shows how to use store bought vegan chicken substitutes to create a delicious meal with the texture and taste of real fried chicken.  An interesting step in this recipe is when Roberto wraps the seitan and soy based chicken substitute with rice paper to simulate chicken skin.  Those, who wish to avoid the excess calories and fat from the frying process, could bake their chicken substitutes with a technique shown here and here.  As side dishes, he uses coleslaw and collard greens with tempeh bacon.  This is a flavorful dish that will certainly satisfy meat lovers. Continue reading

Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Rolls with Orange Almond Sauce by Jaden Hair

capture_16092014_231210Do you know it is really easy to make spring rolls.  Watch as Jaden shows how to include vegetables in a rice paper wrapper to create a spring roll.  You can use any kind of filling you wish.  The trick is to moisten and soften your rice paper wrapper correctly.  In this video, Jaden also shows how to make a delicious “Orange Almond” dipping sauce.  These spring rolls are good food for appetizers, lunch, brunch, dinner, or finger foods.  They also make a nice treat to take to a party. Continue reading