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Cobb Salad by Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

A Cobb Salad has always been a favorite for me. In this video, Sarah shows how easy it is to create a delicious Cobb Salad with all vegan ingredients. Everything is healthy for you — except the store bought ranch dressing, which, although vegan, has too much oil and therefore too much fat. One of the special ingredients in this salad is Sarah’s coconut based bacon

Enjoy the video after the break. Continue reading

Sauteing and Browning Onions Without Oil by Julie Marie

capture_15012015_155833Julie Marie demonstrates how simple and easy it is to saute onions without oil.  This process is called water sauteing or steam frying.  The flavor developed in sauteing onions and other vegetables comes from the browning or caramelization process, not from the oil that is typically used in most recipes.  Eliminating the oil uses in most sauteing processes eliminates hundreds fat calories from the recipe.  These fat calories do add any nutritional value to the recipe. Continue reading

Vegan Mushroom Gravy by Julie Marie

capture_15012015_131914Julie Marie demonstrates how to make a healthy mushroom gravy without any oil or dairy.  She uses this gravy as a sauce over pasta layered on a bed of spinach.  It can also be used as a gravy on meatloaf, mashed potatoes, etc.  Continue reading

Oatmeal Tempeh “Meatloaf” by “LowSaltVegDudes”

capture_14012015_132332This is an easy and tasty recipe with healthy ingredients.  They steam bite size tempeh pieces, and cook some oatmeal.  They saute onions,  garlic and seasonings, add tomatoes and then combine all these ingredients in a blender.  The blended mixture is placed in a baking pan, topped with marinara sauce, and baked.  This is an easy way to prepare a healthy version of a typical comfort food, “meatloaf”.  Expand your taste horizons, and try it.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Spicy Black Beans with Feta and Avocado by Gordon Ramsay

capture_30122014_134231Gordon shows how to make an easy, healthy and delicious appetizer or dish for a snack or brunch.  He adds black beans to sauteed onions and garlic with spices, and then gently mashes them.   He serves this mixture on crunchy tortillas, topped with diced avocado and feta cheese.  Vegans can replace the feta cheese with a feta alternative.  Delicious.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Mediterranean Polenta Stack by Anja

capture_10122014_185305Anja demonstrates a Mediterranean polenta stack that looks great, is easy to make and is delicious.   She shows the process for cooking polenta and forming polenta rounds using  small cake molds.  She tops the polenta rounds with roasted red peppers, an avocado mix, diced tomatoes and red onions, and drizzles on some balsamic vinegar.  The recipe is great for an appetizer, lunch, dinner, snacks… or any time at all, really!  Enjoy. Continue reading

Calabacitas Recipe by Cobi Kim

capture_09122014_205332Cobi presents another veganized ethnic recipe.  This time it’s a Mexican dish that can be served with cheese and tortillas, or as a vegetable side, or left over and used as a component in burritos.  Cobi offers several alternatives for ingredients, and gives a tip for getting more flavor in your food by how you add your spices to your dish.  This dish is easy to make with ordinary ingredients, and with or without vegan meat substitutes.  Try it.  You’ll Enjoy it! Continue reading

Vegetarian Bean Burger by Sorted Food

capture_04122014_150544The guys at Sorted Food create a burger with butter beans, mushrooms, onions, lemon zest, thyme and garlic.  After they saute the onions, mushrooms and garlic, they add it in a blender with butter beans and bread crumbs, fresh parsley, an egg and lemon zest.  They form their burgers, coat them with flour, and fry them in a little oil.  Continue reading

Hearty Lentil Loaf by Chef AJ and Dr. Matt

capture_03122014_144808Do you like meatloaf for dinner or on a sandwich?  Chef AJ shows how to make a very healthy alternative to a traditional meatloaf.  She only needs a food processor and an oven.  However, she did use a coffee grinder to create a powder from sun dried tomatoes packaged without oil, which she uses as a seasoning.  This recipe includes healthy grains and legumes, no salt, and no oil.  She uses oats instead of an egg to act as a binder.  It gets better after is sits for a day.  So, it can be a good make ahead dish.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Creamy Mint Pea Soup by Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa)

capture_26112014_133439This is a very simple, healthy, and delicious soup.  Ina sautes chopped onions and leaks, adds vegetable stock, frozen peas, and fresh mint. After she simmers the mixture, she carefully blends it to a smooth creamy consistency.  She adds chopped fresh chives as she she serves it.  Enjoy. Continue reading