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Roasted Tofu Bites with Pesto by “LowSaltVegDudes”

capture_16012015_162940Here is an easy recipe for finger food appetizers.  They are made with baked tofu cubes and topped with a simple pesto.  The tofu cubes are coated with olive oil and paprika, and baked.  The pesto includes cashews, basil leaves, nutritional yeast, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil which are blended into a paste.  After the tofu cubes cool, they are topped with the pesto to make a delicious appetizer.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Oatmeal Tempeh “Meatloaf” by “LowSaltVegDudes”

capture_14012015_132332This is an easy and tasty recipe with healthy ingredients.  They steam bite size tempeh pieces, and cook some oatmeal.  They saute onions,  garlic and seasonings, add tomatoes and then combine all these ingredients in a blender.  The blended mixture is placed in a baking pan, topped with marinara sauce, and baked.  This is an easy way to prepare a healthy version of a typical comfort food, “meatloaf”.  Expand your taste horizons, and try it.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Vegan Sausage Rolls by Candice Hutchings

capture_12012015_144953Candice demonstrates how to make healthy finger food snacks without the terrible unhealthy ingredients contained in regular animal sausage.  Continue reading

Spicy Black Beans with Feta and Avocado by Gordon Ramsay

capture_30122014_134231Gordon shows how to make an easy, healthy and delicious appetizer or dish for a snack or brunch.  He adds black beans to sauteed onions and garlic with spices, and then gently mashes them.   He serves this mixture on crunchy tortillas, topped with diced avocado and feta cheese.  Vegans can replace the feta cheese with a feta alternative.  Delicious.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Perfect Roast Potatoes by Jamie Oliver

capture_27122014_141016Jamie par boils pealed potatoes, places them in a single layer in an oiled pan, and roasts them for about 1/2 hour.  Then, he gently mashes them and adds herbs before putting them back in the over.  This technique produces potatoes with a crisp and crunchy outside layer, and a soft interior.  He also offers three suggestions for different herb combinations.  Delicious!  Enjoy. Continue reading

Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

capture_19122014_233208Instead of using frozen bananas, Isa makes this ice cream with cashews and rice milk as her base.  She places her base ingredients in a blender, and adds her flavors, pumpkin puree,  sugar, sea salt, vanilla, corn syrup, pumpkin pie spice (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all spice), and a little olive oil.  She uses an ice cream maker to freeze her mixture.  But, you could also make it without an ice cream maker.  She tops her home made ice cream with candied, pumpkin seeds which she also demonstrates.  This is a delicious, dairy free ice cream.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Calabacitas Recipe by Cobi Kim

capture_09122014_205332Cobi presents another veganized ethnic recipe.  This time it’s a Mexican dish that can be served with cheese and tortillas, or as a vegetable side, or left over and used as a component in burritos.  Cobi offers several alternatives for ingredients, and gives a tip for getting more flavor in your food by how you add your spices to your dish.  This dish is easy to make with ordinary ingredients, and with or without vegan meat substitutes.  Try it.  You’ll Enjoy it! Continue reading

Chilli Beef Lettuce Wraps by Gordon Ramsay

capture_08122014_160031This should be a simple makeover candidate for those who wish to make it a vegan dish.  Gordon pan fries some ground beef and pork and adds it to a sauteed mixture of chilli pepper, ginger, garlic green onions, sesame seed oil and brown sugar.  Then, he adds fish sauce, lime zest and lime juice.  He places this Continue reading

Chili Roasted Broccoli with Garlic by Rachael Ray

capture_26112014_122957 Rachael shows a very quick and easy way to make a flavorful and healthy side dish.  She coats fresh broccoli with a mixture of spices and olive oil, adds some chopped garlic, and roasts it.  She points out, any leftovers from this delicious side dish can be used with pasta to make a great pasta salad.   Enjoy. Continue reading

How to use a Pestle and Mortar by Jamie Oliver

capture_16112014_131356 Jamie demonstrates the two basic techniques for using a pestle and mortar, bashing and muddling.  He demonstrates how to grind spices with both muddling and bashing.   He then creates a wonderful flavored oil by bashing fresh basil leaves and mixing them with olive oil.  Finally, he makes a marinade by bashing lemon peel, rosemary, garlic, and olive oil.  You can almost smell and taste his dressing, flavored oil, and marinade just by watching his video.  Learning how to use a pestle and mortar is definitely a skill worth developing. Continue reading