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In this video, Gaz Oakley, shows how to prepare an awesome vegan breakfast.  It includes bacon and sausage substitutes, tofu based scrambled eggs substitute, baked beans, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado, and toast.  

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Cobb Salad by Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

A Cobb Salad has always been a favorite for me. In this video, Sarah shows how easy it is to create a delicious Cobb Salad with all vegan ingredients. Everything is healthy for you — except the store bought ranch dressing, which, although vegan, has too much oil and therefore too much fat. One of the special ingredients in this salad is Sarah’s coconut based bacon

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Spicy Black Beans with Feta and Avocado by Gordon Ramsay

capture_30122014_134231Gordon shows how to make an easy, healthy and delicious appetizer or dish for a snack or brunch.  He adds black beans to sauteed onions and garlic with spices, and then gently mashes them.   He serves this mixture on crunchy tortillas, topped with diced avocado and feta cheese.  Vegans can replace the feta cheese with a feta alternative.  Delicious.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Mediterranean Polenta Stack by Anja

capture_10122014_185305Anja demonstrates a Mediterranean polenta stack that looks great, is easy to make and is delicious.   She shows the process for cooking polenta and forming polenta rounds using  small cake molds.  She tops the polenta rounds with roasted red peppers, an avocado mix, diced tomatoes and red onions, and drizzles on some balsamic vinegar.  The recipe is great for an appetizer, lunch, dinner, snacks… or any time at all, really!  Enjoy. Continue reading

Vegan Caesar Salad by Hilah Johnson

capture_03102014_175211In this video, Hilah shows how to make a salad dressing that is a good alternative for a traditional Caesar Salad dressing.  Hilah’s version has no raw eggs, and no anchovies.  It’s made with raw cashews, avocado, lemon juice, and capers.  She also gives a tip on how to keep lettuce leaves crisp.  Simple.  It looks delicious. Continue reading

Portobello Burger by Mareya Ibrahim with Whitney Lauritson

capture_22092014_123621Mareya Ibrahim  together with her friend, Whitney Lauritson prepare a portobello mushroom replacement for a traditional hamburger.  You’ll see how simple it is to grill the portobello mushroom with a little spray of olive oil.  They assemble the burger with sliced tomatoes, avocado and a “sriracah ketchup” on a toasted bun.  They also make a baked sweet potato substitute for traditional french fries.  This is a healthy and delicious alternative for a traditional hamburger made with meat and the unhealthy oil in french fries. Continue reading

Quinoa Recipe – Spanish Style by Chef Buck

capture_12092014_142156Would you like a pilaf dish with Spanish flavors, made with quinoa instead of rice?  In this video, chef Buck shows how easy it is to make one.  The technique is simple, saute a mix of chopped vegetables and spices.  Instead of adding previously cooked quinoa, Chef Buck adds uncooked quinoa to his sauteed vegetable mix, and then adds water and lets it simmer.  After it has simmered for about 15 minutes, he lets it cool a little before adding more fresh chopped raw vegetables.  This recipe is delicious!  Try it. Continue reading

Chilled Avocado And Cucumber Soup by Tom Lin

capture_09092014_142907Chef Tom Lin demonstrates an extremely simple, easy to make delicious vegan soup.  Simply cut up an avocado, peal and chop a cucumber, add cilantro, add some lemon juice, salt and pepper, soy milk, and blend it all together.  Season to taste, if needed.  Add some sliced almonds for a garnish.  How easy is that.  Serve it with some crusty bread and a salad for a delicious, healthy, plant based lunch or dinner. Continue reading

Vegetarian Enchiladas by Hilah Johnson

capture_04092014_113906Cooking with friends is a lot of fun.  In this video, Hilah and her friend, Carlos, prepare Vegetarian Enchiladas together.  This recipe can easily be converted to a vegan recipe by replacing the dairy based components, cream and cheese, with vegan alternatives.  These enchiladas could easily become a regular item on your menus.  Try making them with and for your friends too. Continue reading