Cooking Demos and Classes

The leading chronic killing and disabling diseases in our society can be prevented, controlled, and many times reversed.  Scores of peer reviewed medical studies with thousands of participants show simple lifestyle and diet changes can control and eliminate these diseases.  These simple lifestyle changes include a healthy diet, mild regular exercise, stress reduction, and social interactions to develop a sense of belonging and loving relationships.  By adopting these lifestyle changes, both individuals and employers have been shown to benefit.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company, in an article titled “The Business Case For Employee Wellnes Programs“, reports

“Employers are increasingly turning to annual health screenings, gym memberships, employee assistance programs and other mainstays of corporate wellness to reign in the rising costs of health insurance. The return on their investment goes beyond the premium they pay for employee health benefits.”

“A Wall Street Journal article notes that an average family health policy costs employers nearly $12,000 per year, up from only $4,200 in 1999. Chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity account for 75 percent of those costs.”

Whole Foods Markets has very successfully implemented a wellness program that has demonstrated savings of 10s of million dollars per year in their health care costs.  In a speech at FreedomFest 2014 , John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods Markets, described their program and the success they have had with it.  At the end of his speech, in response to questions from audience members asking for advice, John Mackey said

” … weight loss, … we create it (weight) by what we eat, we can un-create it by what we eat.  And, all the rest of your health will follow along with that.  … If you get control of your diet, you’ll get control of your whole life.  You’ll want to exercise more.  You’ll take on other lifestyle habits.  You can do the same thing if you get exercise, you’ll want to eat a healthier diet.  It’s all connected.  Just take responsibility for your own health.”

” … Learn how to cook.  … or marry someone who does.  Because, it’s very hard to be healthy unless you are, on a regular basis, cooking and eating healthy food.”

(These comments begin about 19:39 into this video.)

Other prominent medical and nutrition experts have demonstrated over and over, a healthy diet is a key component in a successful Wellness Program for the benefit of both individuals and employers.

The Foodie and Friends cooking Classes feature healthy foods, prepared according to the nutrition strategy, suggested by our Medical Experts.  These foods are plant based, low fat, whole foods, with no or minimal animal protein or products.

Our Cooking Classes are ideal for church groups, corporate employees, professional and social organizations, and individuals interested in learning how to prepare healthy and flavorful foods.  Each class will include:

  • One or more meals selected from the recipes published by our Medical Experts in their books and/or their recipes published on-line.  These demonstrations will show the availability of healthy recipes for everyone, and let the class members see how easy they are to prepare, and taste how delicious they are.
  • One or more recipes selected from a popular cook book author, whose work is either published in a cook book or on-line.  If necessary, these recipes will be modified following the suggestions published by our Medical Experts to bring the recipe closer to our desired nutrition strategy.  The class members will see how easy it is to modify a favorite recipe and they will be able to taste how delicious the modified recipe is.
  • A vegetarian food substitute for an animal protein product will be demonstrated.


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