Nutrition Guidelines/Strategy

“Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”
— Michael Pollan


eat this …
  • Eat mostly plant based foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes)
  • Eat nutritionally high density foods
  • Eat whole (unprocessed) foods
  • Eat marine protein (fish and shellfish)
  • Consume alcohol moderately (prefer red wine)

and …

  • Avoid processed foods and sugars
  • Minimize dietary fats
  • Minimize dairy products
  • Minimize (and preferably avoid) animal protein (red and white meat)

This strategy is based on Asian, and Mediterranean Nutrition Strategies.

For data supporting this strategy, see the Nutrition and Health section.

This summary, Nutrition Analysis – by the numbers, provides several recommended percentages of fat and carbohydrates in different nutrition strategies.