The Experts Speak

I discovered the significance of a healthy nutrition strategy in 2008 in the book “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell,PhD.

In 2010, a feature film, Forks over Knives, was presented on movie theater screens around the world. Here is a trailer for that movie with brief highlights of the significance of the healthy nutrition strategy recommended by the medical experts profiled in that film.

The entire movie is available on youtube and can be purchased from Amazon.

The data are overwhelming!


Here are links to videos of lectures by Nutrition and Medical Experts covering topics related to a low fat, whole food, mostly plant based diet; including why it is perhaps the healthiest diet strategy in the world.

Learn from these Nutrition and Medical Experts in their own words.

 Nutrition and Medical Experts

Obesity – Diabetes and Other Health Consequences

Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes

Nutrition Guidelines/Strategy

Implementing The Nutrition Strategy

Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet

Good Genes vs Bad Genes

Epedemiologic, Migration, Intervention, and Laboratory Research Studies

Diets, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Food Industries