Recipe Sources

There are thousands of low fat, whole food, vegetarian/vegan recipes available in published books and on-line.  Here are some good representative recipe sources in books published by our Medical Experts.  More delicious recipes with a similar healthy nutrition structure can be found in published cookbooks, and on-line blogs and videos created by other cooks and chefs.


In published books –

Our Medical Experts have many recipes included in their published books which are available for purchase in bookstores and on-line.  Here are links to their books on Amazon:

T Colin Campbell, PhD

Dean Ornish, MD

Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

Joel Furhman, MD

John McDougall, MD

Neal Barnard, MD

Other authors have many excellent healthy recipe cookbooks.  Here are some available on Amazon.

Rip Esselstyn

Bryanna Clark Grogan


On-line –

There are thousands of recipes posted on-line that fit the healthy nutrition guidelines recommended by our Medical Experts.  Here are just a few on-line sources by our Medical Experts:

NutritionMD is Dr. Neal Barnard’s site. You need to login – no cost and simple to do. Then follow the links for recipes, etc. Here is the link for casseroles.

Dr. Barnard has a very popular 21-Day Kickstart program, designed to introduce you to these healthy recipes.  It is an good source of recipes on-line.

John McDougall, MD has an extensive list of recipes in a newsletter he regularly publishes: Newsletter Recipe Index, and Recipe Archive . Select your recipe; then click on the newsletter and expand the recipe section.

Dean Ornish, MD on WebMD,

Joel Furhman, MD has some free recipes and more available for a monthly subscription.


There are thousands more recipes presented by other cooks and chefs in published cookbooks and on-line blogs and videos.   Enjoy your search and experimenting with them.