Obesity, Diabetes and Nutrition – Diet Guidelines

This Diet Strategy has been shown to cure obesity, and prevent diabetes by internationally recognized Nutrition and Medical Experts. I have provided data supporting their conclusion and this Diet Strategy in “The Experts Speak”.


eat this …

  • Eat mostly plant based foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes)
  • Eat nutritionally high density foods
  • Eat whole (unprocessed) foods.
  • Eat marine protein (fish and shellfish)
  • Consume alcohol moderately (prefer red wine).

not this …

  • Avoid processed foods and sugars.
  • Minimize dietary fats
  • Minimize dairy products
  • Minimize (and preferably avoid) red and white meat animal protein

in this approximate ratio …

  • 15% Fat
  • 15% Protein
  • 70% Carbohydrates

Similar whole food, almost vegan diets with about 10% Fat have been shown to actually reverse diabetes.

We can use these guidelines to select and/or modify healthy recipes.