Coconut Bacon BLT by Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

There are many recipes for making vegan substitutes for bacon.  In this recipe, Sarah uses store bought coconut flakes along with classic marinade ingredients.  She mixes all the ingredients together, and then she bakes her coconut vegan bacon bits.  This is a very easy recipe to make a bacon alternative.  

How does it taste.  She uses these coconut bacon alternatives in a BLT.  It looks delicious.

Enjoy her video after the break.

You can use these bacon substitutes in many other recipes – in a Cobb Salad or any other salad, toppings on baked potatoes, or a pizza, etc.  They’ll work well any recipe that uses crumbled bacon bits.    

And, they are easy to make.

You can see more of  her recipes on her youtube channel.