Hearty Meatless Burger by Anja

capture_16012015_231212The main ingredients for this burger are mushrooms and lentils.  In the video, Anja demonstrates how to saute the mushrooms without any oil.  She adds the mushrooms and canned lentils to a food processor, along with tapioca flour, oats, garlic powder, onion powder, fennel seeds, mixed Italian herbs, sage, paprika, tomato paste, and salt and pepper.  She bakes her patties, rather than pan frying them.  Assemble your burgers on a bun along with your favorite condiments.  This is a healthy and delicious recipe.  Try it and Enjoy.


Anja is a housewife and mother.  Health issues motivated her to search the internet for help.  She discovered the book, “The China Study”, learned about the benefits of a plant based diet and adopted a vegan diet strategy.  Quickly, she experienced major improvements in her health.  Soon, her husband joined her in a vegan diet strategy.  Then, their young son joined them after he learned about the cruelty animals experience in factory farming.  Anja studied books and on-line videos how to make vegan recipes, and is now creating and sharing plant based recipes with the world..

You can follow her activites and enjoy her recipes on her website, cookingwithplants.com.

Her youtube channel is here.