Roasted Tofu Bites with Pesto by “LowSaltVegDudes”

capture_16012015_162940Here is an easy recipe for finger food appetizers.  They are made with baked tofu cubes and topped with a simple pesto.  The tofu cubes are coated with olive oil and paprika, and baked.  The pesto includes cashews, basil leaves, nutritional yeast, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil which are blended into a paste.  After the tofu cubes cool, they are topped with the pesto to make a delicious appetizer.  Enjoy.


“LowSaltVegDudes” – From their youtube channel –

“Two guys that share enjoyment in cooking healthy and tasty dishes that are vegetarian or vegan and more importantly that are low in salt. We also like to incorporate and try as many new products and ingredients in our videos that are readily available locally.”

Their youtube channel is here.