Casheeze Vegan Cheese Sauce by Lester Karplus

capture_07102014_091805In this video, Lester demonstrates a very easy way to make a cheese replacement, using only cashews, water, and a few spices.  While not an exact replacement for dairy cheese, it’s pretty good, a lot healthier, and very easy to make.


Lester Karplus became a vegetarian in the 70’s, and has many years of experience working with natural/whole/organic foods in restaurants, manufacturing and distribution.  He created Delectable Planet which “is a place where you can get delicious vegan recipes that taste good and are good for everyone (because he) believes that by eating more plant-based foods we use far less resources, lower our carbon foot print and support food for more people.”

You can learn more about him, follow his activities, and enjoy his recipes on his website,

 His youtube channel is here.

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