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Mediterranean Polenta Stack by Anja

capture_10122014_185305Anja demonstrates a Mediterranean polenta stack that looks great, is easy to make and is delicious.   She shows the process for cooking polenta and forming polenta rounds using  small cake molds.  She tops the polenta rounds with roasted red peppers, an avocado mix, diced tomatoes and red onions, and drizzles on some balsamic vinegar.  The recipe is great for an appetizer, lunch, dinner, snacks… or any time at all, really!  Enjoy. Continue reading

No Oil Hummus Recipe by Anja

capture_10122014_185848Anja shows how to make a quick hummus recipe using canned chick peas and canned butter beans as the main ingredients.  She blends these with some spices, and makes an almost instant hummus dish.  Once, you have this basic hummus dish, you can add different ingredients such as roasted garlic, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, etc.  Unlike traditional hummus recipes, this one does not have any olive oil in it, which makes it is a much healthier recipe.  Serve it with crackers, vegetable slices, or as a spread on sandwiches, etc. Enjoy. Continue reading

Calabacitas Recipe by Cobi Kim

capture_09122014_205332Cobi presents another veganized ethnic recipe.  This time it’s a Mexican dish that can be served with cheese and tortillas, or as a vegetable side, or left over and used as a component in burritos.  Cobi offers several alternatives for ingredients, and gives a tip for getting more flavor in your food by how you add your spices to your dish.  This dish is easy to make with ordinary ingredients, and with or without vegan meat substitutes.  Try it.  You’ll Enjoy it! Continue reading

How To Make Vegan Filipino Rice Porridge (Lugaw) by Richgail Enriquez

capture_09122014_133806Richgirl has presented us with an opportunity to try a dish with which we would not normally be familiar.  It’s a veganized version of a traditional Filipino recipe.  It’s not difficult to make, and it’s healthy.  But, it does have an unusual ingredient, which you will probably have to get at an Asian market.  That’s not a problem if you plan in advance.   Why don’t you grab a foodie friend or two, and make this dish as part of a cooking party.  You’ll like both the dish and friends’ company.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Tofu Recipe by Manjula

capture_12112014_135446This is a stir fry dish with tofu, red bell pepper, and cabbage.  After the stir fry ingredients are cooked, Manjula adds her special sauce, covers the pot, and lets the mixture simmer.  Her special sauce is a simple combination of flavorful spices.  This dish is served with rice.  It is made with healthy ingredients and looks delicious.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Mexican Tomato Soup by Jamie Oliver

capture_01102014_134530Jamie cooks a wonderful tomato soup, and serves it with a salad, and tortilla chips.  This is a great, fast, and healthy recipe for brunch, lunch or dinner.  It’s made with spring onions, coriander, garlic, roasted peppers, canned tomatoes, water, lime and rice.  He uses a little cheese on his salad, and tortilla chips.  He also makes a yogurt drizzle on top of his soup.  You can change this from vegetarian to vegan with vegan substitutes.  This is a fast, and easy to make recipe. Continue reading

Vegetarian Quesadillas (Mushrooms and Black Beans) by Sandy

capture_25092014_083839Here is a video recipe for delicious and easy to make vegetarian quesadillas.   They contain healthy ingredients; black beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapeno pepper, garlic and spices.  Sandy uses cheddar cheese, which could easily be replaced with a vegan substitute cheese.  This is a very easy to make, healthy and delicious recipe. Continue reading

Lentil soup (Egyptian) by Miriam Kitchen

capture_21092014_111906This soup is easy to make and loaded with healthy ingredients.  I like the idea of adding sauteed onions and angel hair pasta after the bulk of the soup has been pureed.

Including healthy soups in your diet helps with weight management, disease prevention and control.  And, they taste good. Continue reading

Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Rolls with Orange Almond Sauce by Jaden Hair

capture_16092014_231210Do you know it is really easy to make spring rolls.  Watch as Jaden shows how to include vegetables in a rice paper wrapper to create a spring roll.  You can use any kind of filling you wish.  The trick is to moisten and soften your rice paper wrapper correctly.  In this video, Jaden also shows how to make a delicious “Orange Almond” dipping sauce.  These spring rolls are good food for appetizers, lunch, brunch, dinner, or finger foods.  They also make a nice treat to take to a party. Continue reading

How To Make Hummus by Hilah Johnson

capture_15092014_124606Hilah Johnson demonstrates how simple and economical it is to make hummus at home.  You only need a few simple and readily available ingredients and a blender.  Other flavors of hummus can easily be made by adding other ingredients such as spinach, roasted red peppers, etc.  Hummus is a healthy dish with a lot of protein that can be used as a dip or a spread with bread, crackers or vegetables. It can be used as an appetizer, lunch/brunch or snack, etc.  If you keep some in your refrigerator, it’ll be easy to grab it when you are needing a healthy snack.  Enjoy it. Continue reading