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Vegan Mushroom Gravy by Julie Marie

capture_15012015_131914Julie Marie demonstrates how to make a healthy mushroom gravy without any oil or dairy.  She uses this gravy as a sauce over pasta layered on a bed of spinach.  It can also be used as a gravy on meatloaf, mashed potatoes, etc.  Continue reading

Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus Recipe by Jason Hill

capture_30092014_113617Chef Jason Hill shows how his wife kicks up a hummus recipe by adding cilantro and jalapeno peppers to a typical hummus recipe (examples here and here), which blend garbanzo beans with a mixture of different spices, lemon juice, garlic, tahini and a little olive oil.  Hummus is delicious and healthy.  Use it as a sandwich spread, in wraps, or as a dip.  Combine it with some bread and fresh vegetables and it makes a nice appetizer, lunch or snack. Continue reading

Vegan” Mac and Cheese by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

capture_28092014_123900Isa has created a recipe for a creamy, gooey, melty, lucious “cheese” that can be used in a mac and cheese type meal.  Her “cheese” recipe could also be used with other recipes such as a portobello or seitan “cheesesteak” sandwich.  It’s made with onions, garlic, vegetable broth, cornstarch, tomato paste, nutritional yeast, spices, and cashews.  It’s not hard to make.  Simply saute the vegetables,  combine all the ingredients and blend everything together, then, place it in a pot and cook it until it thickens and resembles melted cheese.  Isa mixes this “cheese” with pasta and tops it with roasted brussel sprouts for her version of “mac and cheese”.  Continue reading

Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Rolls with Orange Almond Sauce by Jaden Hair

capture_16092014_231210Do you know it is really easy to make spring rolls.  Watch as Jaden shows how to include vegetables in a rice paper wrapper to create a spring roll.  You can use any kind of filling you wish.  The trick is to moisten and soften your rice paper wrapper correctly.  In this video, Jaden also shows how to make a delicious “Orange Almond” dipping sauce.  These spring rolls are good food for appetizers, lunch, brunch, dinner, or finger foods.  They also make a nice treat to take to a party. Continue reading

Tropical MANGO SALSA by Deronda

capture_13092014_150524A mango salsa is simply made with fresh chopped vegetables, primarily mangoes, red onions, and red peppers.  In this recipe demo, Deronda also squeezes lime juice on her freshly chopped mangoes to keep them from oxidizing.  This is a common technique with avocados.  This recipe makes a delicious dip as well as a topping for entrees. Continue reading

White Bean Kale Dip by Heather Nicholds

capture_08092014_114923In this video, Heather shows us how to make a very easy bean and kale dip, which can be used as a spread in sandwiches, or as a snack or appetizer with some crackers, fresh vegetables, etc.  Beans are a favorite source of protein, fiber and other nutrients in vegan/vegetarian recipes.  In addition to a mix of spices, this recipe includes kale, which is a healthy leafy green vegetable.  It is extremely easy to make, just add the beans, kale, spices, and lemon juice to a food processor.  No other cooking process is required. Continue reading

Spinach and Artichoke Dip by Chloe Choscorelli

capture_05092014_213749This is a great appetizer video recipe demo by Chloe Choscorelli with her friend, Roberto Martin. The recipe contains healthy ingredients and is easy to make.  Both Chloe and Roberto are chefs.  You can see how much fun they have cooking together.

I’ve ordered a similar dish as an appetizer when dining out.  It’s delicious.  Try making it to enjoy with your family and friends. Continue reading

Vegan Sour Cream & Enchilada Sauce by The Vegan Zombie

capture_29082014_111843In this video, Jon, the Vegan Zombie host, demonstrates how to make two basic sauces.  The sour cream is cashew based and easy to make.  The enchilada sauce is another easy to prepare tomato and chili pepper sauce.   These recipes are part of the Vegan Zombie Mexican theme series. Continue reading