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Cobb Salad by Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

A Cobb Salad has always been a favorite for me. In this video, Sarah shows how easy it is to create a delicious Cobb Salad with all vegan ingredients. Everything is healthy for you — except the store bought ranch dressing, which, although vegan, has too much oil and therefore too much fat. One of the special ingredients in this salad is Sarah’s coconut based bacon

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Exotic Mango and Jicama Salad with a Peanut Lime Dressing by Ingrid Hoffmann

capture_04112014_133834This delicious salad includes mangoes, radishes, mixed greens, jicama, and cilantro.  Ingrid tops it with a peanut lime dressing, which includes peanut butter, light brown sugar, canola oil, lime, and a splash of water.  This is a fast and easy salad to make.  It’s got lots of flavor and crunch.  Enjoy.


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Mediterranean Chickpea Salad by Leyla

capture_20102014_152140Leyla demonstrates an easy to make salad, filled with nutritious ingredients.  She also makes a simple, delicious and healthy salad dressing.  Leyla uses dry beans which she prepared herself.  Canned beans could be used.  Just remember to rinse the canned beans first.   This salad tastes better after it sits for a couple of hours in the refrigerator, allowing its ingredients to marinade and its flavors to marry with each other. Continue reading

Principles for Superb Salads by Jamie Oliver

capture_05102014_004706Salads are both healthy and delicious.  In this how-to video, Jamie Oliver shows some techniques for reducing the effort to making salads as well as ideas on how to kick them up in flavor.  He shows a basic simple dressing.  On this website, my goal is to continue to show video recipes on how to create tasty salad dressings without oil or raw eggs.  Salads are wonderful sides for a meal, or they can be the meal itself.  Enjoy them. Continue reading

Vegan Caesar Salad by Hilah Johnson

capture_03102014_175211In this video, Hilah shows how to make a salad dressing that is a good alternative for a traditional Caesar Salad dressing.  Hilah’s version has no raw eggs, and no anchovies.  It’s made with raw cashews, avocado, lemon juice, and capers.  She also gives a tip on how to keep lettuce leaves crisp.  Simple.  It looks delicious. Continue reading

Grilled Veggie Pasta Salad by Laura Vitale

capture_25092014_135145Grill some fresh vegetables.  Chop them up, and mix them with whole wheat penne pasta and a tasty vinaigrette dressing.  You will have a vegetable pasta dish that gets more flavorful with time.  Eat it soon after it is made, or place it in the refrigerator as a make ahead meal for lunch or dinner later in the week.  In this video, Laura shows how easy it is to create this healthy and delicious recipe. Continue reading

Harissa Tahini Romaine Wraps by Jenné Claiborne

capture_17092014_084016Jenne prepares a one dish recipe, creating a healthy filling that can be used in a lettuce wrap or in a more classic salad.  The fillings main ingredients are quinoa, chickpeas, black beans and carrots.  Jenne also creates a “harissa tahini” dressing, which is basically some harissa (a Tunisian favorite spicy condiment) combined with tahini.   Jenne pours her harissa tahini mixture over the filling on romaine lettuce leaves and over a salad made with lettuce and her filling mixture.   This recipe is very easy to make and it’s very healthy and delicious. Continue reading

Caesar Salad by Vegan Coach

capture_05092014_172602I’ve always enjoyed Caesar Salads.  But, I don’t like the inclusion of raw eggs, anchovies, and a lot of oil in the dressing.  In this video, Sassy, The Vegan Coach, shows how to make a delicious alternative to a traditional Caesar salad dressing.  It has no raw eggs, no anchovies, and no large amount of oil.  At first glance, it looks complicated with all the different ingredients.  But, if you get organized, it’s actually pretty easy.  And, it’s much healthier for you.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Mango Quinoa Thai Salad by Amy Westerman

capture_04092014_102302Amy Westerman likes to cook.  Like so many of the rest of us, she is an amateur chef.  In this video, she shows how to make a very healthy and delicious Mango-Quinoa salad with other ingredients, cucumber, jalapeno peppers, peanuts, cilantro, and lime juice.  She gives tips on how to prepare these vegetables as she makes her salad.  Amy emphasizes, you should vary the ingredients to suit your tastes.  Add what you like.  Eliminate what you don’t like.  Make one of these salads yourself.  You’ll like it. Continue reading