This website/blog features healthy and delicious recipes that are low fat, made with fresh vegetables and fruits, and whole foods.  These are recipes with similar nutrition strategies to those described in the feature film “Forks Over Knives”.  Except for fish, animal protein is avoided.

You can easily search this blog/website for recipes and video demos and tutorials, created by us as well as others.  Simply click on the “Blog” link in the menu bar.  Then, in the side window, click on the “Topic” you wish to search.  You can further specify your search criteria by clicking on the appropriate word listed in the Tags – Index.  Or, you can enter a search criteria in the “Search” window on the side window in the Blog listings.


My name is Gary.   I am a “Foodie”.    Ever since I was young, I’ve enjoyed sharing food and entertaining with food — with my family, with friends at my place or theirs, cook-offs, dock parties, etc.

When I decided to improve my diet, I started studying the literature to find out which nutrition strategy was healthy.   (Check out the Nutrition and Health sections in this blog.)   After I decided on a healthy Nutrition Strategy, I was faced with the problem of how do you cook food that fits that strategy.   Like many of my friends, I didn’t know if the food was “rabbit food” or if it tasted like “cardboard”.   Well — it’s delicious food.

In this blog, I and other foodie friends (sometimes including professional chefs) will cook healthy recipes recommended by nutrition and health experts.  We’ll include video tutorials on how to cook healthy meals, and show these healthy recipes are attractive, flavorful and can be elegant — worthy of a being included on a 4 star restaurant menu.

We’ll also adapt or modify delicious recipes published by celebrity chefs, and others in cook books and on-line.   We’ll show how a few simple steps can adapt and modify delicious and elegant, but not so healthy recipes into delicious, elegant and healthy recipes.

In addition to the tutorials posted on this blog, we’ll offer Cooking Classes, where you can learn how to prepare and taste these recipes.

Let’s eat healthy, with flavor and style.

Gary Zin
a Foodie